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  • Cat with nose in paws
    Article: Oct 11, 2017
    By Tim Prater in Emailed to Shepway District Council planning@shepway.gov.uk as a comment on the planning application

    Please accept this email as an objection to the Hybrid planning application Y17/1042/SH for Princes Parade.

    As stated in SDC's own Environmental Statement (Technical Annex 7) http://beta.shepway.gov.uk/StreamDocPage/obj.pdf?DocNo=4028588&PDF=true&content=obj.pdf

    Shepway District Preferred Option Places and Policies Local Plan (Emerging) states that "Development proposals will be supported where:

  • Liberal History: A concise history of the Liberal Party
    Article: Nov 14, 2016

    The Liberal Democrat History Group's booklet, Liberal History: A concise history of the Liberal Party, SDP and Liberal Democrats, has been revised and updated to include the coalition and its impact and the 2015 election and its aftermath.

    Starting with the earliest stirrings of Liberal thought during the civil wars of the seventeenth century, the booklet takes the reader through the emergence of the Whigs; the growth of radical thought; the coming together of Whigs, radicals and free-trade Peelites in 1859 to form the Liberal Party; the ascendancy of the Victorian Liberals under Gladstone; the New Liberalism of Asquith and Lloyd George and the party's landslide election victory in 1906; dissension during the First World War and the party's eclipse by Labour afterwards; the long decades of decline until nadir in the 1950s; successive waves of Liberal revival under Grimond, Thorpe and Steel; the alliance with the SDP and merger in 1988; and the roller-coaster ride of the Liberal Democrats, from near-obliteration in 1989 to entry into government in 2010 to electoral disaster in 2015 and, now, the first signs of recovery.

  • World Mental Health Day
    Article: Oct 11, 2016

    Mental ill health affects everyone. Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, and I'd encourage everyone who cares about mental health to sign the petition below.

    To quote the individual who set up the petition:

    "#itaffectsme wants to see Mental Health Education put on the National Curriculum. To arm our children with knowledge, understanding and compassion. 1 in 4 people suffer with mental illness and 50% of those are established by age 14. We teach our children symptoms of chlamydia and gonorrhoea so why not depression, OCD and anxiety?"

  • Gary Fuller
    Article: Jul 21, 2016

    East Kent College, fresh from taking over bits of the hopelessly failing K College, has ridden in on their proverbial white charger to save Canterbury College.

    Canterbury College has great potential. It's near the centre of a vibrant student City, and has had significant sums spent on redeveloping its crumbling site into a 21st Century campus. Leaving aside the fact that the architects seem to have erred towards a Legoland Prison look for the new buildings, it's got some great facilities, not to mention having one of the best Students' Unions in the country, and of course some brilliant teachers and support staff (I used to be one of them, so I may be a little biased).

  • EU flag
    Article: Jun 23, 2016
    By James Carey

    In my opinion, a decision to leave the European Union would be a major tragedy.

    People generally do not appreciate the catastrophe that this would represent, for the United Kingdom, for the European Union, and for the World. I consider myself to be European. I am proud and pleased to be European. I want to remain European, and I will tell you why. It is virtually impossible to reach any conclusions based on the torrent of conflicting information from the politicians, so here is my reasoning.

  • Article: Jun 23, 2016

    Dear Reader

    Today will be the most important day in a generation.

    We have a choice that will decide the future for ourselves, our children, our family, our nation, our continent, and even our world. That choice will be whether we wish to leave or remain in the EU.

    I've made my choice. I've voted to remain. I'd like to take a few moments of your time to explain why I've made this choice, one I hope you will also make.

  • remain
    Article: Jun 22, 2016

    Yeah, right. I was always voting Remain.

    When asked by my step-son Joe (aged 11) why I was putting a "Remain" poster in the window, I could have given him lots of answers.

    I could have talked about the likely damage that leaving the EU will do to the British economy, and thus the equally likely Government cuts in spending on services, benefits and tax increases on the lowest paid.

  • Article: Jun 13, 2016
    By Lynne Beaumont

    I don't know about you, but I am sick to death of statistics, numbers, one side saying in and one saying out. What or who do people believe? It's confusing, frustrating, and leaves people more confused than they were when this whole fiasco started.

    It's made more difficult when you have a ruling Conservative party split down the middle, fighting and squabbling, calling each other names, and becoming more primary school like as the days go on, and I fear it will get worse in the days to come as people start to panic, so hold on to your hats...

  • John F. Kennedy (JFK), President of the United States.
    Article: Feb 17, 2016

    The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.

    We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.

  • Fire engine
    Article: Jan 27, 2016

    Following the Conservative government's response to the consultation on emergency services collaboration and the proposed legislation that could transfer governance of fire authorities to Police and Crime Commissioners, Cllr Jeremy Hilton, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on the Fire Service and Chair of the Local Government Association's Fire Services Management Committee, which represents all 46 fire authorities in England, said:

    "Local councillors who sit on English fire and rescue authorities do a tremendous job. The LGA believes there is no pressing need to change this status. The fire and rescue service is one of the best public services that we have, and we should cherish it.

    "Firefighters are ready to work closely with the other emergency services - as they always have. The Government should not impose change for change's sake."