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Gary Fuller | Councillor for Sandgate & West Folkestone

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Sandgate Seafront Bin Collection: Back to the Past

May 20, 2021 2:24 PM
In Email to Cabinet Member for Waste and Officers
Originally published by Tim Prater | Councillor for Sandgate & West Folkestone, Sandgate Village, Harvey West & Hythe East

Rubbish bags piled on waste binsI know this is part of a regular series of emails from me, but there are a lot of things not well in the world of bin emptying and rubbish collection in Sandgate at the moment I'm afraid.

The seafront is currently regularly getting strewn with rubbish *again*, and although I have local residents crying out for bigger bins. The issue is that AGAIN they are being emptied too infrequently, and AGAIN the system seems to have reverted to someone who empties and leaves the bags on or by the bin, and then some hours later, sometimes the next day, the bags are being collected.

We all know that is a totally nonsense way of working. I attach photos from just 15 minutes ago where they have done *exactly* than on the seafront, and another from this morning where they had done *exactly* that and the rubbish was strewn across the path because they had been attacked by seagulls and / or foxes.

We know that happens. We agreed many years ago that emptying bins and laving the bags for later collection outside the bin was nonsense: WHY has that started again?

Its also not helped by the open back van picking up bags irregularly ( a litter pick I notified of on Friday to be held on Saturday left bins for collection of Granville Parade at noon on Saturday as agreed - they were not lifted until Monday morning - that looked just great) and even the bulk bin is being eptied too irregularly - again, a photo from this morning showing it overflowing.

Overflowing binThis is basic stuff we've known for years, but the new schedules seem to have regressed. What is going wrong here? And how soon can we get back to decent service please: bins being emptied regularly, including late at night (9-10pm, within operating hours), bags NEVER being left by or on bins for a subsequent lift, and the bulk bin being emptied often enough that it's a help, not a hazard?

I really hope to hear some positive feedback on this, a rebriefing of crews, and an improved service in the really near future.